The Ugly Truth

NUP_5104One day away from Ryans 4-month birthday and 1 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight!

I’m definitely not making this post to brag how great I am and how hard I work, although those statements are both true 😊.

I always tell my moms not to prioritize weight loss straight after having a baby! I absolutely 100% stand by it. This is the time to let your body heal, enjoy your new baby, take it easy and eat well…

Alrighty, it all sound fantastic and looks good on the paper. But let’s talk some reality imagesnow. Let your body heal! OK. That to me sounds like get your rest, sleep, sit on the couch and enjoy your cuppa etc. Should I go on 😊? We all know that there’s no (am I aloud to curse here?) smurfing healing involved in new moms life. New baby wants all of you, all the time 24/7. If you have other kids, pets, husbands… They all want a piece of you as well. There goes your peaceful healing!

NUP_8284 copy

Enjoying the new baby! Yes! They are adorable! And enjoyable! And cute! And you’re filled with love and warm fluff. But the reality is that everyone else around you, other kids, pets, husbands want a piece of you as well. So not much time to enjoy that little baby. While the new arrival is content and happy, we run around trying to feed everyone else in the house, do the washing, make the fire, go to toilet! And when all the chores are done, you get the crying baby who gave all her happy smiles to others, while you were running around like a lunatic to provide for those others. There goes the enjoying the baby!

Take it easy! Ha, yes! Now, I’m only writing this from my point of view and according toIMG_4622-vi my life. We’re all different, and I hope there are some of you who can actually take it easy 😉 I was totally stressed and exhausted when I had my first 6 years ago. Little did I know how easy I had it 😊. Different ballgame with 2 (3 if you add running your own business). And I’m sure if you have 3 or more kids, you’re rolling your eyes at me and thinking, 2 is easy peasy! So your average household… Husband is working all day every day and you’re at home with kids! That’s enough said. Every mother knows what I mean by that, no need to explain!!! And there goes your taking it easy part!

NUP_2795Eat well! Yeah! So important, it is! And now tell me, where does the time come to cook 3 healthy meals a day? I didn’t even have time for this when I was single. Now… I have no time to even pee, what cooking we’re talking about here. 3 meals a day, haha. Meal prep! Even bigger haha for me. Maybe I’m just unorganized and bitter!?

So… Back to the beginning. 1 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’d love to say it’s due to healthy eating and regular exercise but come on. In Estonia we have a saying: “The cobbler walks barefoot”.IMG_0630

I’ve had few people telling me now that I look great and fit. No, nothing to do with fit. I’m starved because I have no time to cook or eat. And I’m stressed because I have no time to cook or eat 😊. And every new mom is like this! After all that said, I will still keep telling you to take it easy and eat well. But most importantly to enjoy your new baby!

Good luck to all of us! And we’re doing a GREAT job! All of us!!! 😉



Bump to Baby

BeFunky CollageThere is no science involved in this story! Just my own observations and experience from 2 completely different pregnancies, and births.

Right, let’s get started 😊

I’m now a mom of 2 boys. For the whole 6 days it’s been 2. It’s amazing how it feels all new again. Like I haven’t experienced it before. The smell of the new baby, the tiny hands and toes, the so completely and utterly adorable cuteness of a newborn.

And how on earth did my 5-year old grow up over night? I left to hospital leaving my “baby” at home, and came back to a grown person ☹


I must say that exercising in pregnancy makes such a difference! Here’s the proof:

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t exercise at all, and didn’t know anything about healthy eating. Pasta and bread all the way, pasta on bread and bread with pasta, oh, and chocolate! So…

  • I gained 30 kg… 30 fluffing kg… 14719324_214045585675738_7962784627079249920_n1
  • I was depressed during pregnancy and it really kicked in 6 months postpartum… antidepressants and all, the whole shabang…
  • I had back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn… And overall an unhealthy miserable person… I didn’t enjoy being pregnant at all!





This time around I exercised throughout my pregnancy. I had my last workout a day before I went to labor. To be honest, I think it was the workout that put me into labor as 38it was higher intensity that I normally do 😊 (regards to Maggie and Piloxing).

I tried my best to keep up the healthy eating… I wasn’t very good at it! At least at the end I wasn’t. Around 30 week mark I just didn’t care, which is unusual. So all baby’s fault 😊. So…


  • I gained 15 kg (my goal was 12 kg but as I said, baby demanded biscuits)
  • I worked until 37 weeks, and was happy throughout my pregnancy (the bit of weeping and mood swing bombarding the husband is totally acceptable, right!?)
  • No aches or pains what so ever. No, I’m lying, I had few mornings of back pain, and 3 days of heart burn! But that’s it.
  • AND… Still didn’t enjoy being pregnant. I’m just after the end result.


First labor was looong. With pains all day, and all night, and then to find out you’re onlyd3213025-80be-4378-8664-06632532fb99 1 cm dilated… Christ on a bike bfff… About 14 hours of that I finally got my epidural. From there onward it was bliss, didn’t feel anything. When I finally got to pushing, I still didn’t feel anything. So not too bad, looking back. I didn’t think that then though 😊.

Result: Jayden 4.3 kg and 53 cm. 10 days over.

Second labor. All too fresh at the moment, so I could write an essay on it. Went to hospital 1 am because my waters broke. No pains. Couldn’t sleep that night for obvious reasons, and was just bouncing on a birthing ball and playing Candy Crush. Pains only started the next day but went quite fast from there. At 5 pm I was sitting in the bath and having really strong contractions, and 5.20 I was in the labor ward. 2 cm dilated. Are you ffff… kidding me…


Got an epidural. Not ashamed! Pain is not my thing, so whatever I can get to feel better, I’ll take it all. But the epidural didn’t really kick in this time. So no bliss, felt everything. How do you, girls, do it all natural??? Respect to all! We ran into trouble then with baby’s heart rate dropping and placenta rupturing. I wasn’t even fully dilated yet but it was quick quick quick from there to get the baba out. Vacuum, cut and heavy pushing. That’s it, I’m done, no more kids for me.

Result: Ryan 3.8 kg and 51 cm. 8 days early.


Coming back to exercise…

Although I was hoping that my body is a lot more prepared this time, and I’ll cope better, it didn’t really go that way. I promised an update 9 months ago on prenatal exercise and if it makes labor easier. Well… In theory, YES! And many girls have told me that YES. Unfortunately, I will never know myself. BUT… It sure helps with coping with the whole 9 months.

And there are studies done on prenatal exercise and going into labor before your due date 😉 It was 8 days earlier for me. Coincidence or proof? Who knows 😊




Pregnancy uncensored

On a first trimester of my pregnancy…

airike_2The cruel realization that something is not quite right. My burpees don’t feel pleasant anymore. Well, they never do but I mean, why am I out of breath straight away? Oh my god, yawn at 6 pm and snore at 7 pm. And then… Good morning at 5.30 am 🙂

I’ve been blessed with both of my pregnancies though. No morning sickness, very mild nausea. BUT… I’ve totally been bitten by an evil witch the second time around. I think only my husband can confirm this as everyone else still sees the best side of me. Everything and I mean everything gets on my nerves. How he chews his food, how he sneezes (why do men need to sneeze so bloody loud?) and basically how he walks, talks and makes jokes. If no one else beside you is laughing, dear husband, it wasn’t funny, OK!

After breastfeeding one baby, and losing a lot of weight after the pregnancy, you know yourself what’s left of your breasts. Nothing! Now, this side effect I quite like. I feel like a teenager again. The push-up bra is gone, too small. Never thought I’ll say something like this. And even after taking the bra off it still stands up and is as firm as ever. Now, I’ve heard the consequences after breastfeeding a second baby are worse. Let’s not think about this right now. But I will ask Santa for breast implants next Christmas.

On a second trimester of my pregnancy…

Ooh, how this hair band system for your jeans works again? Through the zipper hole, through the button hole and over the button. Yes, nailed it! Too early for ma13023609_10153482184211860_483528255_nnnternity wear but oh those pants are getting tight. Standing up and walking is no bother, it’s the sitting. Muffin top at its finest. Strangers don’t know that I’m pregnant, they just think I’ve taken into sweets and take aways. Haha, well done Mrs. Personal Trainer.

My exercise feels awesome. I’m full of beans, able for burpees even. Do you think because I’m a Pre- and Post Natal Trainer, I’m super motivated? Good, means I can leave a good impression :). Although I’m super motivated to keep moving this pregnancy (didn’t do anything at all first time around) and eat healthily (nope, didn’t do that either first time around), I still find it a struggle. I do my best but if I want that bagel, I take and eat that bagel. Few days ago I thought I’ll have 1 Milky Way bar and ended up eating 8 of them (jaysus). Self control is somehow lower with pregnancy; I’m blaming the baby obviously.

On a third trimester of my pregnancy… (Hypothetical as I’m on the start of my second trimester)

14719324_214045585675738_7962784627079249920_n1That Milky Way spectacle was a one time thing, totally swapped the chocolate for carrot sticks. All I crave is fruit and ice cubes, couldn’t be better for my waist line.

Exercise is still awesome, I’m not breaking up with you, my burpees! I will cherish you and love you for the rest of my pregnancy. Feeling awesome, life is awesome 🙂

The evil which has flown away on her broomstick. I just float around with a glowing bump and no chewing or farting or burping bothers me. I embrace the flaws of The Husband. Or I’m just blind and deaf by this stage.

Giving birth doesn’t scare me. Sure, my body is built for this and I can do it without any pain relief. That’s what my acupuncturist told me the first time around. Was she wrong or was she wrong? I do believe my body is more prepared this time around and I’m stronger but pain is not my jam. Although that epidural needle scares the sugar out of me, I will still go for it if I get a chance.

“Thank you” sea monkey for putting me through this agony. Why do we do this to ourselves?

But I do look forward to meeting you and to getting to know you!


Wishful thinking and positivity all the way 🙂

It’s just a number, baby…

Inspired by true events!

live-your-lifeYou know how it’s said that age is just a number!? Well, it is! It doesn’t matter what the number in your passport is. What matters, is how you feel inside. I can honestly say, I feel like I’m 22 (My passport says I’m 32). I still refer to myself as a girl :). I feel like a girl. Few times I’ve been called Ma’am and that freaks the s… out of me. Not because I’m bothered about being 32, not at all, I’m very happy with my age. With age comes wisdom ( I can already imagine my husband laughing at this sentence haha). But you’d address an older lady, like granny age lady, Ma’am.

Now the same story about your weight!

all-women-weight-150Weight is just a number. It really doesn’t matter what the scale says. What matters is how your reflection from the mirror makes you feel, and how your clothes fit. I can honestly say, I’m not bothered about my weight at all as long as my jeans fit me the way they do. No matter how much you weigh, odds are, you’re never happy ;)! If you’re active and eat well, your mirror will keep pleasing you! So again, with age comes wisdom 🙂

Funny story about numbers!

English is not my first language so there was a time when I was doing a lot of direct translations from Estonian (I’m Estonian by passport. Yet another thing that’s written down somewhere but doesn’t really matter. I consider myself to be a citizen of the World). Anyway… In 2005 I lived in Spain for few months and that was my first experience in living and speaking something else than Estonian. So, there was a talk about shoe sizes and I managed to ask someone:”What’s your leg number?” :D.



When husband goes to work…

I put up that show of being busy superbly every morning.

  • busy_momI tell him I wake up 5.50 am when our son does.
  • I tell him I was up twice last night. Night terrors or something.

I’m making myself look really busy in the mornings by making breakfast, putting together the lunch box, making coffee for us, brushing our son’s teeth, my teeth, putting clothes ready for school and getting ready for work myself. I think he’s buying it. See, he leaves 15 minutes earlier than me, so I can drop the act then.

From now on my day is just relaxing and doing nothing. I only work an hour a day (my postnatal class in the morning) and sure, that’s not even a job, right!?

I collect our son at 12 from school. The fun starts now.

  • I cook 3 meals a day with a smile on my face because after doing so for almost 5 years,cinderella-scrubbing I still love love love cooking. TICK.
  • I clean the house by singing songs and dancing with the hoover because I love fairy tales, and I’ve always wanted to be Cinderella. TICK.
  • I go to my mommy friends for coffee because we need to discuss latest gossip and fashion news. TICK.
  • I run my own business because I’m just way to lazy to go to work every day. TICK.
  • And between all that I do crafts with our son, we draw, we make things, we play games, we never have arguments even after being together every day all day for almost 5 years. TICK.
  • edd8fc2f-f3d6-4afb-afa8-0aac07c77178


Although I must say I’m one of those lucky mommies who’s not on duty 24/7. The minute my husband walks in after work, mommy doesn’t exist. Our son is just glued to his daddy. You know all the stories how mums can’t go to toilet in peace. Well, that’s daddy in our house. It’s been like this from the beginning. What to make of this? Am I a bad mom? Is he a brilliant dad? Or maybe our son is just balancing life?!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Starting from those 2 lines on a pregnancy test:

  • Changes in our body, hormonal, emotional, physical.
  • Carrying the baby for 9 months, realizing it’s a human being in there whom we have to care for and be responsible for our whole lives.
  • Giving birth, the pain, the joy, the fear, the whole 9 yards.
  • Now the hard part starts… Go back to beginning and read how much fun and joy it all is.

But despite all that we love being moms! And we do understand and respect our men for putting the bacon on the table while we chillax at home with our babies 🙂





Maternity Cycle & Exercise

I was about to write a neat story about maternity cycle & exercise and then I just realised that hey, I’m no expert.


14040158_1102568719780481_298901585811635604_nWhen I was pregnant, all I did was eat, cross-stitch and watch TV. So although I know the theory behind prenatal exercise, I don’t have any experience. I had a lovely forest just behind my house and I couldn’t even drag my butt out for a walk.

Combining my knowledge from books and some guessing, I would say if I’d exercised during pregnancy:

  • I wouldn’t of gone over my due date 11 days
  • I wouldn’t of gained 30 kg
  • I wouldn’t of been depressed
  • I wouldn’t of locked myself behind 4 walls
  • I would of made some friends
  • My labour wouldn’t of been so long
  • I wouldn’t of needed epidural that made the labour even longer (this one is not 100% as the epidural was heavenly 🙂




I’m not an expert on this one either as I’m learning something new every day. But I definitely have some experience here! I wasn’t into fitness then. All I had was loads of extra weight and a mindset that being overweight is not an option.

I started as a client in Baby Body Fit 6 weeks after my son was born. I’m the laziest person I know but somehow I found the strength to go and exercise even when it was raining. There was no indoor venues back then :). It’s history from there on. Loved it so much that I decided to share the experience with Galway mommies.

What type of exercise to choose?

In pregnancy:

If you’re already exercising you can continue what you’re doing and just slow down 13501557_1062154790488541_8603669602366341580_ngradually as your pregnancy progresses. If you’re new to exercise you can try special pregnancy classes like Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga. Or some strength & toning workouts in Baby Body Fit classes. What ever you choose to do, you should enjoy doing it! Because that’s what is going to keep you motivated.

After baby:

13680578_1081606388543381_2481784851017703933_nSame story. Stick to special postnatal classes at first. Your body just went through difficult and exhausting process of labour, so you’re not ready to go back to high intensity classes yet. Again, the choice is there for different types of exercise. Find what you like. If you like what you do, you’ll stick to it and you’ll achieve your goals.

Always always though check with your doctor before you start any new exercise programs!!!


See you in class,

Airike 🌼

Respect the parent

10968328_10152619739076860_1479448428439880397_nWhy is it OK to give kids free sweets everywhere? First of all, there’s so much talk about childhood obesity, that even Mary from countryside should be aware. It angers me so much when random people give my son sweets without asking me. It happens everywhere! Today it happened in Tesco because they had some event on. It happens at the barbers. It happens in petrol stations. It has even happened in the butchers. Now, I know that it all comes from a good place, and everyone just wants to put smiles on kids faces, but no chocolate bar should be ever given out without asking the parent! I will say NO most of the times if I do get asked at the right time. The right time being before the child has seen it. But normally the jar of candy is in his face first, and then I get asked if he’s allowed. Try saying no then. The drama, the tears and tantrums that follow… No thanks.

There are loads of other issues involved here too. So many kids nowadays have milk intolerance, nut allergies etc. I doubt that there’s a hidden box of fancy-pancy dairy free, nut free sweets for cases like this. So again, the drama, the tears and tantrums.

Don’t you think now that my child only eats fruit and veg and isn’t allowed any sweets :).IMG_4968 He is allowed but not during the week. We have an ice cream & biscuit Friday in our house! And there are occasions out of that time, when some chocolates happen. But my point is, that everyone loves sweets, especially kids. I want to be that person (or my husband) who gives him that treat. I don’t want him growing up thinking that mommy and daddy are real mean saying NO to things and only making him eat apples and broccoli (which he loves by the way). But strangers in shops and events, on the other hand, are always nice to him. This can lead to a new problem, loads of perverts and bad people out there.


I would love to fruit-for-diabeticssee nice shop ladies handing out apples and bananas instead of chocolates. Or at least ask the parent first and wait for the answer.

Small kids can’t make adequate decisions on what they eat. They just don’t know yet, what is good, and what is bad. It’s our responsibility, as parents, to show them and teach them. Not a stranger from the street who maybe means well but has no business in satisfying our kids sweet tooth.