Respect the parent

10968328_10152619739076860_1479448428439880397_nWhy is it OK to give kids free sweets everywhere? First of all, there’s so much talk about childhood obesity, that even Mary from countryside should be aware. It angers me so much when random people give my son sweets without asking me. It happens everywhere! Today it happened in Tesco because they had some event on. It happens at the barbers. It happens in petrol stations. It has even happened in the butchers. Now, I know that it all comes from a good place, and everyone just wants to put smiles on kids faces, but no chocolate bar should be ever given out without asking the parent! I will say NO most of the times if I do get asked at the right time. The right time being before the child has seen it. But normally the jar of candy is in his face first, and then I get asked if he’s allowed. Try saying no then. The drama, the tears and tantrums that follow… No thanks.

There are loads of other issues involved here too. So many kids nowadays have milk intolerance, nut allergies etc. I doubt that there’s a hidden box of fancy-pancy dairy free, nut free sweets for cases like this. So again, the drama, the tears and tantrums.

Don’t you think now that my child only eats fruit and veg and isn’t allowed any sweets :).IMG_4968 He is allowed but not during the week. We have an ice cream & biscuit Friday in our house! And there are occasions out of that time, when some chocolates happen. But my point is, that everyone loves sweets, especially kids. I want to be that person (or my husband) who gives him that treat. I don’t want him growing up thinking that mommy and daddy are real mean saying NO to things and only making him eat apples and broccoli (which he loves by the way). But strangers in shops and events, on the other hand, are always nice to him. This can lead to a new problem, loads of perverts and bad people out there.


I would love to fruit-for-diabeticssee nice shop ladies handing out apples and bananas instead of chocolates. Or at least ask the parent first and wait for the answer.

Small kids can’t make adequate decisions on what they eat. They just don’t know yet, what is good, and what is bad. It’s our responsibility, as parents, to show them and teach them. Not a stranger from the street who maybe means well but has no business in satisfying our kids sweet tooth.



4 thoughts on “Respect the parent

  1. And IT is not only public place! It can be your family member. You say no but nana said yes and they would ignore the stents no.. It’s not on! How parent suppouse to be respected and taken seriously by the child if there is so many around who says them never mind her/him and have it anyway.


  2. I agree with pretty much everything you say here. The whole sugar thing is out of control these days. We all know the dangers of it now. There’s no excuse to ply our children with it. Here the kids can pick out something like chocolate or ice-cream on Sunday, the rest of the week it’s off limits, (unless one of the grandparents get to them behind our backs. Which is beyond infuriating) and we were surprised to see the kids just accepted this new rule and were happy enough to go along with it. We thought there’d be war.

    Can I just say though that your comment about how “even Mary from the countryside should be aware” are kind of offensive, we aren’t an uneducated lot out here in the sticks. We, just like people from towns and cities know what’s what. A lot of us being farmers and food producers know quite a bit about food, it’s chemical make up, and it’s benefits etc.

    I feel the the tide is turning against sugar, if we stand firm and try to educate our children things will change.


      1. I’m sure you didn’t mean any offence to be honest. I never heard of that saying before, sometimes I get sensitive!! Really get post about respecting the parent. I agree wholeheartedly!


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