Maternity Cycle & Exercise

I was about to write a neat story about maternity cycle & exercise and then I just realised that hey, I’m no expert.


14040158_1102568719780481_298901585811635604_nWhen I was pregnant, all I did was eat, cross-stitch and watch TV. So although I know the theory behind prenatal exercise, I don’t have any experience. I had a lovely forest just behind my house and I couldn’t even drag my butt out for a walk.

Combining my knowledge from books and some guessing, I would say if I’d exercised during pregnancy:

  • I wouldn’t of gone over my due date 11 days
  • I wouldn’t of gained 30 kg
  • I wouldn’t of been depressed
  • I wouldn’t of locked myself behind 4 walls
  • I would of made some friends
  • My labour wouldn’t of been so long
  • I wouldn’t of needed epidural that made the labour even longer (this one is not 100% as the epidural was heavenly 🙂




I’m not an expert on this one either as I’m learning something new every day. But I definitely have some experience here! I wasn’t into fitness then. All I had was loads of extra weight and a mindset that being overweight is not an option.

I started as a client in Baby Body Fit 6 weeks after my son was born. I’m the laziest person I know but somehow I found the strength to go and exercise even when it was raining. There was no indoor venues back then :). It’s history from there on. Loved it so much that I decided to share the experience with Galway mommies.

What type of exercise to choose?

In pregnancy:

If you’re already exercising you can continue what you’re doing and just slow down 13501557_1062154790488541_8603669602366341580_ngradually as your pregnancy progresses. If you’re new to exercise you can try special pregnancy classes like Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga. Or some strength & toning workouts in Baby Body Fit classes. What ever you choose to do, you should enjoy doing it! Because that’s what is going to keep you motivated.

After baby:

13680578_1081606388543381_2481784851017703933_nSame story. Stick to special postnatal classes at first. Your body just went through difficult and exhausting process of labour, so you’re not ready to go back to high intensity classes yet. Again, the choice is there for different types of exercise. Find what you like. If you like what you do, you’ll stick to it and you’ll achieve your goals.

Always always though check with your doctor before you start any new exercise programs!!!


See you in class,

Airike 🌼


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