Judge me when you’re perfect.

we-fear-rejection-want-attention-crave-affection-and-dream-of-perfection-perfection-quotesYou open your eyes in the morning. What is the first thing you do? Yawn! Yes, yes, after that? Take your phone and check the time? And the pursuit of perfection starts. You get sucked into everyone’s “happy” lives on social media.

I try not to bring my phone to bedroom anymore. But a while back when I did… Before I went to sleep I had to play my Candy Crush. 5 lives before sleep. Then I just had to check my Facebook and Instagram and Facebook again, and hey, 1 more life on Candy Crush is available. But I don’t want to talk about my addictions today. I want to talk about perfection. Or how we create perfection, fake perfection.

What do you post on Faceboo13575456_10153629166476860_906141216_ok? Happy moments! Smiley faces! Success! Perfection! So do I. Some time ago I went to my friends wedding. It was a happy day, loads of pretty photos of everyone having great time and chilling. But there was also one real photo taken. God knows, what was happening here :). It’s not posed, it’s just a moment. I mean real life is not just laughter and kisses
and hugs. Most of the time we have neutral normal faces on us. Although my friend said, that because I’m smiling, I probably won the argument haha.

Before I stepped on the motherhood carousel, I had it all figured out. Everything about raising a child, and what is allowed and appropriate. I had this picture in my hea1530299_946025872101434_857472742146741641_nd, how we’re going to grow up together, because I still considered myself a child, when I fell pregnant. I think I kept up my own perfect parenting for about 2 years. That meant limited TV time, crafts, walking and activities outside, reading books, drawing, no junk food etc. I was always that person who said that TV is not going to babysit my child.

So 4 years later. There’s now way too much TV time. We don’t do any crafts. We don’t really read books (that’s the one I’m the most disappointed about). I hope every morning that it doesn’t rain, and the creche takes the kids outside, so I don’t have to. Sounds horrible but that’s the reality. Please, raise your hands now, and tell me that you do this too :).

There was a situIMG_7128ation with my son just few days ago. He surprised me with the greatest tantrum of all time. You know the one, where the only solution is to throw your screaming shouting kicking child over your shoulder, and by force carry him to the car. That was me! Gosh, we got some audience and whispering. Ashamed I was. So much of my perfect motherhood. But the point here is, that just 15 minutes later, I took a video of him running around on the beach with a huge smile on his face. And that was the story I posted on Facebook. Leaving out the totally dysfunctional parenting 15 minutes earlier.

So if someone (maybe even me) annoys you with all their cheerful photos/videos on social media, chances are that these are just the selected moments. And when the selfie stick comes down, we continue living our normal lives.

Here’s a good boring every day life photo, that will never make its way to my shiny Facebook page 🙂



Airike 🌼



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